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Garderie Du Soleil Levant

905-893-3100 (Kleinburg)
416-551-7072 (North York)

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Our philosophy

LA GARDERIE DU SOLEIL LEVANT is a non-profit organization whose philosophy is to offer an inclusive child care service, focused on play in order to promote the well-being and development of children in a stimulating environment where children can explore and acquire knowledge, depending on their ages, choices, interests as well as individual in a francophone environment that promotes the educational approach of interveners through the emerging program, while knowing that each child is unique and learns to his rhythm.

Play is crucial for a child's physical, cognitive, emotional, social and intellectual growth, and its exploration is at the heart of play.

When we talk about games, we each have a representation linked to our experience, either one person will see himself playing card games, skipping rope or the other will think of a football match ...

Play is a child's normal activity and in order to develop well, children should have the opportunity to explore forms of play such as:

  • Active play: run, jump, climb, ride a bicycle or use the whole body

  • Quiet play: looking at books, stringing beads, drawing, making construction games, etc.

  • Cooperative or social play: games to share with one or other children

  • Solitary play: all the activities the child does alone

  • The manipulation game: puzzles, construction game, cutout, glue or any other activity that involves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

  • Creative play: painting, modeling, making music, telling stories or any other activity that stimulates the child's imagination

  • Dramatic play: dressing up, pretending, imitating, etc.


La Garderie Du Soleil Levant opened in September 2014, located in Mathieu-Da-Costa Elementary School (Maison Montessori) at 116 Cornelius Parkway, North York, M6L 2K5. The director is Sifa M Mujynya.

We are a non-profit daycare and also welcome families with a grant from the City of Toronto.

Board of directors

Claude bellerose


Tara Latreille

Vice President


Diana Di Iorio 


Cynthia Rosby


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